Wednesday, August 20, 2008

September Schedule

Here is the September schedule finally. There were some last minute changes. Any further changes that might occur should be minor and will be communicated to you directly or via the blog.

Thanks for your patience.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Provincial Champ Pics 4

Provincial Champ Pics 3

Provincial Champ Pics 2

Provincial Champ Pics 1

Provincial Championships Results

Just continuing to catch up on results and picture posting today.

Here are the placing from the Provincial Championships that took place at Seneca College April 26th and 27th this past spring.

Provincial D 12 & Over Women
Melissa Taylor placed 6th

Provincial C 12 & Under Women
Paxton Lapko placed 11th
Sofia Liantzakis placed 14th

Provincial C 12 & Under Men
Braden Currie placed 3rd - BRONZE MEDAL
Josh Sardell place 5th

Provincial C 13+ Women
Hannah Bocas placed 11th

Provincial C 13+ Men
Anthony Gentili placed 1st - GOLD MEDAL PROVINCIAL CHAMPION
Jamie Patrick placed 2nd - SILVER MEDAL
Andres Daluz placed 3rd - BRONZE MEDAL
Alex Coutin place 5th

Provincial B Women
Olivia Turi placed 6th

National Novice 10-14 Age Category Men

National Novice 15+ Age Category Men
Jonathan Meehan placed 3rd - BRONZE MEDAL

Congratulations to the OGC tumblers that qualified to attend the Provincial Championships. Next year we will qualify even more tumblers. Keep working hard.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Resignation Bulletin

I have decided to post this message which was sent out via e-mail on Wednesday, August 6th. It is not a complete synopsis of the "why's" and the "what now's" but does give you some of the important information. In response to the new groupings suggested for September we have had some negative feedback which is to be somewhat expected. We do apologize for the changes but as stated in the meeting we have worked hard to create a program that will be functional for all. Please work with us over the next few weeks in a professional and courteous fashion so that we might best resolve any concerns you might have with the changes.

We will be taking into consideration the feedback we have received up to this point as we strive to consolidate groups and schedules for September.


Dear Tumbling Parents:

June 23, 2008 Don Holmes tendered his resignation to pursue his interest in teaching and further education. Don will be leaving us at the end of August and traveling to China where he will teach English as a second language. He will return to the area next year to pursue his masters and doctorate. We have been very fortunate to have Don, along with Niki, lead our tumbling program the past three years. Although he will be missed, we wish him the very best and look forward to his return as a part time coach while he pursues his educational goals.

Niki Lavoie will replace Don as the Interim Tumbling Director. Niki, myself, other directors, staff and parents will evaluate the program throughout the year to determine the future direction. Niki will work with all groups in the tumbling program to allow for a smooth transition with new coaches joining Dave Harris and Niki. Theresa Mikola will replace Don as a competitive coach. She has 20 plus years of coaching high performance athletes. She is a level 4 Ontario certified coach and a graduate of Seneca College's Coaching Program.

Last night's meeting handouts of Don's letter of resignation along with Theresa's experience were handed out. Copies can be picked up from Agnes at the office. Don & Niki also gave the parents in attendance new schedules and groups as some restructuring was necessary. They also were available to answer questions. Further programming questions should be directed to Niki Lavoie.

The Oakville Gymnastics Club is committed to developing the strongest Tumbling Program possible. Please contact me if I can be any assistance throughout the process.

Wayne Hussey
COO Oakville Gymnastics Club

August Schedule REVISED

Please note that there are NO Tuesday Morning trainings scheduled for the rest of August. As well the additional hours on Friday from 4:30 to 7:30pm are also removed. However, the group that Dave coaches on Friday will continue to train.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Meeting Synopsis to Come

Hello Everyone,

I will be posting a synopsis of the August 5th meeting here on the blog momentarily. I am recovering from a minor surgery today and am resting at my computer. I need to make sure that all the information that will be distributed is correct and comprehensive so please know that I may need to take some time to let it all pass by the eyes of Niki, the new Program Director, and Wayne.

I will have the information to you as soon as humanly possible.

We are more than willing to take your questions once the information is out as the majority of questions will be answered in what is distributed.

Thanks for your understanding. Please hold tight as we get this all together for you.


Monday, August 4, 2008

Easterns Pics 8

I did not ask for these poses. Clearly these children are destined to be stars. They saw red carpet and decided they all needed their moment of fame.

Easterns Pics 7

Easterns Pics 6

Eastern Pics 5

Eastern Pics 4

Easterns Pics 3