Monday, July 29, 2013

Thanks to Sport Oakville

Flip Photo Contest Teanna Paris

Here is our first Flip Photo Contest submission for the summer.  This is Teanna showing off her flipping ability with a bit of a splash!  Thanks for the photo Teanna.

More photos are welcome.  

Monday, July 22, 2013

Canada Cup 2013 Airdrie Alberta OGC Tumblers

OGC Tumblers visiting the Calgary Gymnastics Centre while on their way to Banff.
Congratulations to the Oakville Gymnastics Club's Power Tumblers on their great performance at the 2013 Canada Cup International Trampoline & Tumbling competition in Airdrie, Alberta.  Everyone had strong performances.

The OGC tumblers sight seeing in Banff.

Playing with the Prarie Dogs in front  of the Banff Springs Hotel.

Dusty and bruised after our trail ride through the rapids in Banff.

Awards for the Junior Women's Tumblers.  

5 out of 10 OGC Tumblers captured medals.  Savannah Wepf Silver, Michael Chaves Bronze and Haven Swarts Bronze.

Haven Swarts, the youngest Junior girl, captured Bronze in the Junior Women's Tumbling division.

Michael Chaves took the Bronze medal in the Senior Men's tumbling division.

Savannah Wepf landed her first ever full twisting double pike to capture the Silver medal in the Junior Women's Tumbling division.

Mackenzie Senior took home a Silver medal in the Men's National Open Tumbling division.

Rachel Davis with coaches Niki and Don took the gold in the National Open Women's division.

Michael Chaves mid triple back tuck.

Haven Swarts mid double back tuck.

This was the final selection event for our Age Group Tumbling team that will travel to Sofia, Bulgaria in November.  Once the official team selection is posted we will let everyone know who from the OGC is invited.  The potential team members are: Ben Senior, Michael Chaves, Savannah Wepf, Haven Swarts and Nate St Romain (Quinte Bay and Oakville tumbler).  We will keep our fingers crossed.

Final selection for our Senior tumbling team continues with Training Camps and World Cup competition for Jonathan Meehan.
All OGC tumbling passes from the 2013 Canada Cup in Airdrie are now posted on Don's Youtube channel.  Just follow the link.

Monday, July 15, 2013

National Group Changes July 15 to July 18

Niki and Don will be traveling to Airdrie, Alberta for the 2013 Canada Cup.  

The National Group will have altered training times:

Monday, July 15th Regular training 6:00 to 9:00pm with Don and Niki (the group departs early on Tuesday morning).

Tuesday, July 16th the National Tumbling group will have a combined training with the Provincial 234 group from 12:00 to 3:00pm.

Wednesday, July 17th the National Tumbling group will have a combined training with the Provincial 234 group from 12:00 to 2:00pm.

Thursday, July 18th the National Tumbling group will have a combined training with the Provincial 234 group from 12:00 to 2:00pm.

Thanks for your understanding.  We were not able to get another coach for the later training time.  Thanks for you cooperation.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Viewing Area Closure Summer Evenings

Viewing Area Closure: During the summer months and on some holidays the viewing area may be closed in the evening.  On these days there will be no parent viewing. Your child will be let in at the sliding glass doors at the front of the club and be ushered out at the end of their session. When the viewing area is closed no one is permitted in the gym lobby (upstairs or downstairs) for safety and liability reasons. Our apologies for the inconvenience that this might cause.  If there is an emergency and you need to contact us inside the gym we ask that you bang on the back door of the gym to try and get our attention.  There is usually someone standing in that corner by the trampolines preparing to take a turn so we will here you knocking.

During the Summer the Viewing area will close at:
5:00pm on Mondays
7:30pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays
5:00pm on Fridays

Thanks for your cooperation.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Acro Yoga Gymnastics Workshop for Adults

Don and Niki will be offering a Partner Acro Yoga Gymnastics class on Friday, July 12th from 5:00 to 7:00pm at the Oakville Gymnastics Club.  Participants should be able to hold a 10 second plank position on their elbows.

COST PER PARTICIPANTS: $40.00 per session
You can register through the Oakville Gymnastics Club office in person or by phone 905-847-7747.

The cost includes instruction on some inversions (such as head and handstands), partner acro yoga poses & a mini-routine with a couple of the skills covered!


This workshop is for adults 18 years and older who are looking to try something fun and new.

Don Holmes has achieved one of the highest levels possible for Acrobatics Gymnastics Coaching in Canada.  He has been instrumental in the development of this sport in Canada over the past few years.  He is also holds a partial Level 4 in Trampoline and Power Tumbling, which is the highest level of coaching for this sport currently in Canada. 

Don has been coaching athletes from the Developmental to the National Level for about 20 years.  He has travelled to numerous National and International events to coach his athletes in both Acrobatic Gymnastics as well as Power Tumbling.
Don has also been performing Acrobatics (Handbalancing) for a number of years at various sporting and corporate events. 

Niki Lavoie has completed her level 4 coaching in Trampoline and Tumbling.  She has been coaching athletes from all levels and ages for the past 20 years in both Women’s Artistic and Power Tumbling.  She has travelled to many National and International competitions with athletes in the sport of Power Tumbling. 
Niki has been a performer in Acrobatic gymnastics (handbalancing) on and off for approximately 7 years.  She has performed for many teams in the NBA, as well as numerous corporate events and festivals.  
Niki is also a Sports Injury Therapist, Acupuncturist and Registered Massage Therapist and is the owner and operator of the Glen Abbey Massage and Sports Injury Clinic in the Oakville Gymnastics Club.

Don and Niki teach partner Acro-Yoga from a gymnastics and very biomechanical approach, which enhances participant’s skill-level and at the same time, helps to prevent injury. 

Developmental 1 Tumblers Summer Schedule

Our apologies for the confusion with regards to the Developmental 1 Tumbling Group's summer schedule.  There was an error on the schedule that was sent out with the packages that indicated that the Tuesday class would start at 4:30pm and run until 6:30pm.  It should have read that the Tuesday time is 4:00pm to 6:00pm, the same as the Thursday class.  The schedule that was posted on Tuesday and the schedule posted here indicate the correct time.

Sorry for the 1st day confusion.  My fault.  Thanks for your understanding.


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Flip Photo Contest 2013

Not safe.

Please send us your best flipping photos from over the summer.  The best photos will be voted on in September and the winner will receive a fantastic prize.

Be creative and don't get hurt.  Be safe.

July Tumbling Schedule OGC Tumbling Program

Here is the Summer Tumbling Schedule for the month of July.  Supply coaches still need to confirmed for the week that Don and Niki will be away at the Canada Cup in Airdrie, Alberta.  Those sub-coaches will be posted here on the blog.