Tuesday, July 29, 2008




So, I'm doing it. Getting these results and pictures up. Lauren I'm getting close to the Ontario Winter Games. I promise the pictures you wanted to see will be up by the end of the week.

Okay, here are the results with more pictures from the National Championships in Calgary during the first week of June.

Congratulations to Jonathan Meehan and Lauren Rotolo for qualifying to attend the National Championships in their first year of National Level tumbling.

Lauren Rotolo was in 6th place in the Novice 10-14 year old girls after the preliminary round with a score of 52.8. Lauren landed in 7th place after the final round with a total score of 80.4. Way to go Lauren. Great competition including a landed double back tuck.

Jonathan Meehan was in 4th place with a score of 53.6 after the preliminary round. After a tough finals pass Jonathan dropped to 7th with a score of 79.10.

Luke Mackinnon took the highest honours winning another National medal. Luke found himself in 2nd place after the preliminary round with a score of 53.3 and he stayed there with a final score of 80.8. No worries, Luke managed to come back at the Canada Cup this July to beat Ethan from BC. Way to go Luke!

Luke and Jonathan were invited to be part of the team competition and were able to bring down a silver medal just behind the men's tumbling team from Alberta. Next year guys. Next year.

It was a great showing overall from the OGC's young tumbling contingent. All the best next year guys!

So proud of the OGC Tumblers!

RETRO Summer Pics 6

RETRO Summer Pics 5

RETRO Summer Pics 4

RETRO Summer Pics 3

RETRO Summer Pics 2

RETRO Summer Pics

RETRO SUMMER Invitational

Here are the results from the Retro Summer Invitational Tumbling Competition that was held at Scarburough Gym Elites.

Thanks to the Scarburough Gym Elites for this well run competition. What a great way to end the year. Everyone had lots of fun.

Demonstration Athletes from the OGC were:
Elizabeth Karam and Mackenzie Dodd. Great job!

Inter Club C Women
Katie Williams 2nd place
Claire Hatziioannou 3rd place
Madison Best 4th place
Kelsey Horn 5ht place
Naomi Smith 6th place
Avery Palkovic 7th place

Inter Club B Women
Emma Chau 2nd place

Inter Club A Women
Abi Youngberg 1st place
Hannah Delany 2nd place
Maude Auclaire 3rd place
Rachel Clements 4th place
Talia Boettinger 6th place
Keyana Finn 8th place
Monique Lazaruk 9th place

Provincial D Women
Emily Hutchinson 5th place

Provincial C Jr Women
Paxton Lapko 1st place
Kezia Allen 2nd place
Taylor Athay 3rd place
Marlo Rosart 5th place
Kianna Ng 8th place

Provincial C Sr Women
Marina Galchinska 2nd place

Provincial C Men
Josh Sardella 1st
Bryan Holden 2nd place
Jamie Patrick 3rd place
Cameron Dodd 4th place

Provincial B Women
Haley Palmer 2nd

Provincial A Men
Michael Chaves 1st place

National Novice 15+ Men
Ricardo Smith 1st place

Congratulations to all the OGC tumblers! Great performances from all!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Canada Cup 2008 Pics!

Here are some pictures from the weekend.
Niki loves to have her picture taken!
Can you tell? (Sorry no pics of jonathan. He must have been hiding?)

Canada Cup 2008

Hey Everyone,

We have our first National Champions! Luke Mackinnon and Lauren Rotolo both won their Novice 10-14 tumbling categories in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec. Way to go Luke and Lauren!

Kelsey Brasil finished in 8th place in Novice 15th and Jonathan Meehan tried Youth National (a higher level than he usually competes) and placed 6th.

We had a great weekend in Saint-Hyacinthe. Here are the results:


Okay. I have been a horrible one for getting results up this year. Better late than never. I am putting up the results in reverse order.

Next post is Canada Cup!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Shorts: The Issue!

Guys! Guys! Guys!

The long shorts issue has finally gotten to me. I have told you over and over that you need to have shorts that are short enough so that we can see your knees. The long skater or board shorts are not cutting it. I am one step away from enforcing singlets and competition shorts for all tumblers. I would rather not do this. If by next Wednesday you have not found appropriate shorts you will there after not be allowed to train until you find a pair. Please go to Winners, or Value Village even, to find soccer shorts or some sort of sport short that is at least 2 inches above the knees.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Welcome to Summer Tumbling!

Hi Everyone,

Glad to have you all back for summer tumbling. I know some people will be away at different times during the summer but wherever you are you can always check the blog to keep up to date.

I am determined to be a dedicated 'blogger' this summer. Expect lots of pictures and updates right here.

For the new additions to the program you can send me direct e-mails via my hotmail address

Please note that we do request that students attend at least 50% of the summer hours offered to them. Clearly we would prefer 100% but we know that in the summer there are fun pool parties, BB Q's, and weekends at the cottage. Please take advantage of your summer as I know I will.

Summer attire while in the gym is the same as always as the AC is on and the gym is quite cool.

BOYS: Singlet and shorts of appropriate length are the preferred apparel. You make wear t-shirts but the shorts are the main thing. Athletic shorts that are above the knees please. No shorts with zippers, buttons, or inflexible material. Zippers and buttons often poke wholes in our equipment. There should be a fresh supply of gymnastics apparel in the lobby to choose new training wear from. Winners has cheep running shorts as well. They are light and short enough. You do not have to wear them outside. Your friends in the gym will not make fun of you for wearing shorter shorts. I promise.

GIRLS: No crop tops from now on. Leotards or the half leotards are fine. The regular training shorts are fine as well.

Let's have a great summer.

Good luck to the new athletes that are joining the program.

All the best to our new staff Ellie, Amanda, Ricardo and Teresa. Please introduce yourselves to your athlete's coach. You have a whole year ahead of you to get to know one another.

Let the summer begin!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Canada Day

Excited to see you all tomorrow!

Here is the Wednesday class schedule (same as on the July schedule back a few posts):

Developmental 1 with Niki and helper 2:00 to 4:00pm

Developmental 2 with Amanda 4:00 to 6:00pm

Provincial D&C with Niki from 4:00 to 6:00pm

Developmental 4 with Ricardo 5:00 to 7:00pm

Provincial B&A with Dave from 4:30 to 7:00pm

National with Don & Niki from 6:00 to 9:00pm

Please note that the office closes at 7:30pm on Wednesday nights. When the office closes the viewing area also closes. This means the gym lobby will be closed. Parents will have to wait outside the facility to pick up their children who are done after 7:30pm. If you need to pick up your child prior to the end of class make sure the child knows this. If you are in dire need of contacting your child in case of emergency please bang at the back door until someone opens it. That is only way to get too us. Keep banging. The music is often on and we sometimes do not hear the door. We will eventually as there is often someone in the back corner waiting to take a turn or dismounting off the corner trampoline.

Office closure is different on different evenings.

I will find out from Agnes and post the closure times here on the blog.