Tuesday, July 29, 2008

RETRO SUMMER Invitational

Here are the results from the Retro Summer Invitational Tumbling Competition that was held at Scarburough Gym Elites.

Thanks to the Scarburough Gym Elites for this well run competition. What a great way to end the year. Everyone had lots of fun.

Demonstration Athletes from the OGC were:
Elizabeth Karam and Mackenzie Dodd. Great job!

Inter Club C Women
Katie Williams 2nd place
Claire Hatziioannou 3rd place
Madison Best 4th place
Kelsey Horn 5ht place
Naomi Smith 6th place
Avery Palkovic 7th place

Inter Club B Women
Emma Chau 2nd place

Inter Club A Women
Abi Youngberg 1st place
Hannah Delany 2nd place
Maude Auclaire 3rd place
Rachel Clements 4th place
Talia Boettinger 6th place
Keyana Finn 8th place
Monique Lazaruk 9th place

Provincial D Women
Emily Hutchinson 5th place

Provincial C Jr Women
Paxton Lapko 1st place
Kezia Allen 2nd place
Taylor Athay 3rd place
Marlo Rosart 5th place
Kianna Ng 8th place

Provincial C Sr Women
Marina Galchinska 2nd place

Provincial C Men
Josh Sardella 1st
Bryan Holden 2nd place
Jamie Patrick 3rd place
Cameron Dodd 4th place

Provincial B Women
Haley Palmer 2nd

Provincial A Men
Michael Chaves 1st place

National Novice 15+ Men
Ricardo Smith 1st place

Congratulations to all the OGC tumblers! Great performances from all!

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