Sunday, July 19, 2009

Retro Summer Pics 7

Nice faces ladies. I couldn't have done it better myself.

Retro Summer Pics 6

Retro Summer Pics 5

Thanks for coaching Ricardo!
We actually has 7 coaches at this meet: Don, Niki, Dave, Ricardo, Ellie, Amanda and Andree. That's a bit excessive but everyone had their own coach and for Ellie, Ricardo and Dave it was their final meet with Tumbling Program. Thanks guys! You did great and the kids had a blast.

Retro Summer Pics 4

I'm so glad we select our team based on 'Looks'!. They photograph well.

Well done Tyler!

Retro Summer Pics 3

Sometimes the kids act ... well ... a bit weird. I have no idea who instigates this.

Retro Summer Pics 2

Connor and Ethan did well in the Inter Club B category.

Our Inter Club A girls were great!

Retro Summer Pics 1

Here are Maddy and Kiera, our two Demonstration tumblers. Way to go girls!

This tumbler you may not recognize or his two sisters but this one takes us way back. This was the best RETRO picture I could find.

RETRO SUMMER Invitational

It's a blogging weekend and I am finally getting everything on here.

Here are some great pics from the Retro Summer Invitational Competition in Scarborough. Everyone did so well and as usual it was a really fun meet for all who attended.

Hope you enjoy the pictures. Feel free to take them from here. All you need to do is right click on the picture and then select 'Save As'. This allows you to save the picture to your picture file on your own computer.

If you are looking for results you can go to the following link:

Click on 'Results'.


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Nationals Pics 4

Nationals Pics 3

Nationals Pics 2

Luke was also part of the Men's Tumbling Team competition where his scores counted towards the second place finish of the Ontario Team. Way to go Luke!

National Champs '09

Hi, I'm finally getting around to posting some pictures from the Canadian National Championships that took place in Hamilton the first week of June.

The tumbling program had three participants: Jonathan Meehan in the Youth Men's category, Lauren Rotolo in the Novice Women's 15 and over category and Luke Mackinnon in the Novice Men's 10-14 age category.

Lauren competed really well in a tough category capturing the Bronze medal.

Luke placed second in his category.

Jonathan was battling back from an ankle injury. Jonathan sprained his ankle badly during the Provincial Championships in May and was still in some pain.

Overall the competition was a good event for the OGC tumblers. We look forward to more athletes qualifying and the OGC being an even stronger presence at the 2010 Nationals to be held in Kamloops next spring.

Enjoy the photos. If there are any photos that you want for your very own let me know and I can send the larger version of the picture. These have been condensed to make uploading easier.