Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Evening Closures

The viewing area and front doors will close at the following times during the months of July and August:

Mondays GYM CLOSED AT 5:00PM
Tuesdays GYM CLOSED AT 8:00PM
Wednesdays GYM CLOSED AT 8:00PM
Thursdays GYM CLOSED AT 8:00PM

On the days that the gym viewing area and doors are closed prior to the start of or before the beginning of your tumbler's training you will be required to remain outside the sliding glass doors until the end of the class or until the beginning of the class. At that time the athletes will be ushered in and out of the facility. Parents, family members, friends and chauffeurs are not permitted to remain in the gym for any reason as the viewing areas and change room areas are not supervised after the above mentioned times.

Do understand that if the viewing area is closed we do still run the classes at the scheduled times.

If you need to have your child arrive late or be picked up early you need to first make sure that your child knows this information and that they clearly communicate this to their coach.

If you arrive at the doors and they are locked you can follow the following steps:

If you're early, wait patiently.

If you are late, shame on you and you can go around to the far gym door and bang loudly on it. We may not hear you as the music may be on. Keep banging until someone opens it. We will eventually take notice as there is often someone in the back corner waiting to take a turn or dismounting off the corner trampoline. (Note: do not knock at the service door as it has two doors and we will definitely not hear you)

If you are on time to pick up your child we may be a few minutes late getting to the door. Again, wait patiently.

If there is an EMERGENCY and you need to retrieve your child early please use the door banging method.

If we have an EMERGENCY in the gym we will contact you directly as we do have a gym phone line in the recreational area in the gym.

Thanks for your understanding.

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