Saturday, June 19, 2010

June 20th NO Training

Note that there is NO TRAINING on Sunday, June 20th as we will be at the Scarborough Gym Elites, Retro Summer Invitational Competition.

Do not come to the gym if you are not competing in the competition.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


The Speech delivered by Don at the Year End Banquet:

I’d like to say congratulations to everyone who was part of the Tumbling Program this year. We have had more strength, depth, commitment, and quality athletes than we have ever had. We are 70 strong in the tumbling program. Our OGC tumblers are looking strong, aggressive and more committed to excellence. We just set the 2010/2011 team and we see even better things on the horizon.

Thank you to Niki for working so hard this year, for keeping me sane, and for keeping our athletes fit and healthy. Thanks to Kelsey and Amanda for coaching our developmental program. Thank to Karen Dance who was coaching with us for half of the year. Without our strong team of coaches, administrators, volunteers, therapists and parents we wouldn’t be able to offer as much as we do to the athletes in our program. Thanks to everyone.

Tumbling Program Leadership Award

This years Tumbling Program Leadership award goes to Kiana Ng. Kiana is not the typical boisterous leader. She is a leader who quietly demonstrates to the rest of the group how an ideal athlete should act. Kiana is on time, ready to work and always ready to take on the next challenge. Kiana dealt with a difficult year in 2008/2009 having suffered a few injuries and overcoming a growth spurt. Though she was challenged by these obstacles she maintained a positive attitude at the gym and has really been a leading athlete in the Provincial group that she was part of this year. Other tumblers in her group always look to Kiana to find out what the next thing on the warm up list is or what the next conditioning drill is going to be. She sets up equipment without needing to be asked and she is the first one to communicate the needs of the group to her coaches. Congratulations to Kiana on receiving this years Tumbling Program Leadership award and we hope this leadership continues to be demonstrated as she makes her way into the National group this summer.

Most Dedicated Tumbler

This year’s award for ‘Dedication to the Tumbling Program’ goes, ironically, to an athlete who isn’t here tonight. Jack McGarr, though away on his Grade 8 class trip is continuing to demonstrate his dedication to his commitments at the OGC by being picked up tonight in Haliburton so that he can be back in time to train at 3:30 tomorrow afternoon as he is part of the OGC Acrobatic Gymnastics Men’s four who are going to the World Age Groups in Poland in July. Jack made the jump to the National Tumbling Program this year with great success, as he was able to snag a Bronze medal at the National Championships in Kamloops. What makes Jack the most dedicated is his unwavering attendance and his enthusiasm for both the tumbling program as well as his commitment to the Acrobatics Program. Jack is presently training 6 days a week sometimes dual discipline. We want to acknowledge Jack’s dedication and his parent’s ability to get him to the gym whenever we ask. Thanks Jack and Thanks to the McGarr family for setting a high standard of dedication and commitment to the tumbling program. We will present this award to Jack on Sunday in front of his group. Congratulations Jack.

Most Improved Tumbler

We had several names down as to who we though should receive the Tumbling Program’s “Most Improved Award”. We saw some great increases in ability, effort and enthusiasm this year in many of our athletes but the one who seems to have overcome the most is Connor Salmon. Connor is a first year provincial tumbler who moved up from the tumbling developmental program this time last year. Connor is the strong, silent type kid who rarely offers up even a glimpse of emotion so when Connor started stopping in his tumbling this year we were hard pressed to get out of him what the problem was. We are not sure we ever figured it out really but Connor continued to work hard, he revelled in the conditioning part of training and was always trying his hardest to provide us with some ideas to help him. Through patience and perseverance Connor has managed to work past his stopping problem and is heading in the right direction for next weekend’s “year-end” tumbling competition and ultimately for a long career in tumbling.
Congratulations to Connor Salmon for his effort and improvement over the 2009/2010 season

Athlete of the Year

The 2009/2010 Tumbling Program Athlete of the Year wasn’t always an ideal athlete but last summer Jonathan Meehan managed to qualify to the World Age Group Championships for Power Tumbling in St. Petersburg, Russia. The likelihood of Jonathan qualifying was an outside chance. Leading up to the qualification competition his effort had been mediocre and his ankle injury at Provincial Championships in 2009 almost put an end to his tumbling career. We laid out a plan, set some guidelines for what we felt needed to happen to get him ready for International competition and to his credit he stuck to the deal. On Jonathan’s first day of World Championships he was blown away by the power house British Team and the intimidating Russians on the tumbling strip. He felt out of his league and overwhelmed by what his competitors were able to do. The next day he had the opportunity to train with the British team and was able to see the Russian kids struggling in the back gym just like everyone else and some of the feelings of “I’m not good enough” melted away. Jonathan is one of the first athletes I’ve seen make a definite 180 turn in his athletic career. By placing 12th at Worlds and finding motivation in the challenge Jonathan has been determined to get stronger, work harder, be a team leader, and be a better athlete and person. When Niki and I sat down to decide who would receive these four awards we had Jonathan’s name down for all of them. This time last year I wouldn’t have guessed it. Sometimes there are those kids who work hard but don’t get their just reward but this time it all worked out. Jonathan worked hard, put in the time, took care of himself and was able to walk away from the Canadian Championships as the 2010 National Champion. So for all the right reasons I’m proud to say that Jonathan Meehan is the OGC’s Tumbling Program Athlete of the year. Congratulations Jonathan.ram Athlete of the year. Congratulations Jonathan.

Monday, June 14, 2010

SCHEDULE Scarborough Meet

Here is the schedule for this coming weekend. There might be small variation on the start times but that is usually the case. If there is a major change I will contact you directly.

Please also see attached the list of athletes. Note that if the registration was small in a particular level the boys and girls may be competing against eachother.

I have also included the map here.

The address is:

Scarborough Gym Elites
510 Coronation Drive
Unit 15 - 16
Scarborough, ON, M1E 4X6

If you get lost you can call the club at: 416 282 -2496

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Banquet June 10th

Please note that there is No Competitive Training, Thursday, June 10th. All coaches will be at the Year End Banquet at the Operating Engineer's Banquet and Conference Centre, 2245 Speers Road (between Third and Bronte).

Do not come to training.

Hope to see all of you at the banquet tonight. There's lots to celebrate this year!

Let's revisit nutrition and good food choices. Here is the link to the post that contains some information about proper eating.

Remember our athletes are High Performance Machines. They NEED High Performance Fuel.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Groups Cont'd.

If you find your name on the list below you need to come into the main office at the OGC to pick up an information package. It will be in a brown envelope and contain information regarding: fees, hours, dates and times, volunteer responsibilities, etc.

If you do NOT find your name on the list you were not selected for the Tumbling Program this year; however, you may be on the waiting list.

Please give us some time over the next two weeks to get back to everyone with regards to your athletes tryout and present placement. We had 120 bodies looking to fill 68 spots. All placements were considered carefully.

We will get back to you.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tumbling Groups 2010/2011

After much careful deliberation here are the tumbling groups for the 2010/2011 season.

Developmental 1
4 hours week
Coaches: Amanda and Kelsey

1 Samantha Chafe
2 Max Brunetta
3 Anjali Cudjoe
4 Nolan Trogan
5 Kyra Mark
6 Abegael Mooney
7 Jacob Wise
8 Megan Paisley
9 Jessica McLeish
10 Sarah Sinclair
11 Ella Bruce
12 Ella Heiss

Developmental 2
6 hours per week
Coach: Kelsey

1 Sophie Hawthorne
2 Barret Manjak
3 Sofia Uppal
4 Madeline Hawkins
5 Annie Adams
6 Sara Moran
7 Daniella Mendoza
8 Kaitlyn Wallace
9 Ashleigh Sampson

Developmental 3
8 hours per week
Coach: Amanda

1 Melissa Kiley
2 Cassandra Larner
3 Phoenix Lee
4 Caileigh Dejonge
5 Ethan Hawkins
6 Keagan Merner
7 Erin Dane
8 Hannah Ligon

Provincial D
8 hours per week
Coach: Amanda

1 Tyler Hutchings
2 Matthew Pan
3 Nicole Erickson
4 Lukas Schiller
5 Kiera Witcher-Dowling
6 Bailey Ramsay
7 Elizabeth Karam
8 Talia Valentine

Provincial CBA
10 hours per week
Coaches: Don and Niki

1 Kelsey Horn
2 Adam Sardella
3 Abi Youngberg
4 Jade Jordan
5 Naomi Smith
6 Connor Salmon
7 Emma Chau
8 Connie Robinson
9 Georgia Brabender
10 Rachel Sardella
11 Michelle O'shea
12 Marlo Rosart
13 Mackenzie Dodd
14 Valeria Granda
15 Paxton Lapko
16 Bryan Holden
17 Monique Lazaruk

National Group
11, 13, or 15 hours per week
Coaches: Niki and Don

1 Erik Polacek
2 Stephanie Milligan
3 Kiana Ng
4 VaNessah Sears-Duru
5 Rachel Dhingra
6 Jamie Patrick
7 Kezia Allen
8 Andres Daluz
9 Jack McGarr
10 Anthony Gentili
11 Josh Sardella
12 Cory Marsh
13 Michael Chaves
14 Luke Mackinnon
15 Lauren Rotolo
16 Jonathan Meehan
17 Haley Palmer

Thank you to all of those who tried out for the program this year.