Tuesday, May 28, 2013

2013 Ontario Championships Schedule Provincial Level Tumblers

Here is the schedule for the 
2013 Ontario Championships 
for Provincial Level Tumbling to be held at University of Toronto, Mississauga Campus, Recreation and Wellness Centre, 3359 Mississauga Road North, Mississauga.

On Saturday, June 8th and Sunday, June9th.

The Sunday schedule was updated on June 4th here on the blog.  Please make sure you are arriving at these times.

2013 Canadian Championships Tumbling

Men's Tumbling Team Silver medalists Matthew Dworak, John Schwaiger, Ahren Mahler and Ben Senior

Ontario placed 2nd in the Men's Tumbling Team competition with the Quebec boys taking gold and Alberta capturing the bronze.

The Ontario Men's Tumbling Team for 2013.

The Ontario Women's Tumblng team captured the gold medal beating out the Quebec ladies and the team from BC.

The Ontario Women's Tumbling team of Emily Smith, Jaclyn Sicard, Rahcel Davis and Naomi Suzuki.

Where are we suppose to look?

Senior Men's Tumbling final awards, Michael Chaves taking silver, John Schwaiger takes home the gold and Vincent Lavoie takes the Bronze.

Michael Chaves silver medalist in the Senior Men's Tumbling category.

The 2013 Ontario Trampoline & Tumbling Team.

Ready for Opening Ceremonies.

O'Canada Niki.

Ready to get the 2013 Canadian Trampoline & Tumbling Championships started.

Ben Senior capturing the bronze medal in the Junior Open Men's Tumbling category.

The OGC Savannah Wepf and Haven Swarts landed in 4th and 6th respectively in the Junior Women's Tumbling category.

Number 1 Ontario Team fan.  I even got my hair did.

Ester Farlardeau who coached and trained at OGC last summer placed 2nd in the National Open Women's Tumbling category.  Way to go Ester!

Ben Senior with his bronze medal from the Junior Men's Tumbling final.

The 2013 OGC Tumbling Team of Haven Swarts (front sitting), Dezember Treleaven, Savannah Wepf, Rachel Davis, Monique Lazaruk (middle kneeling), Jonathan Meehan, Jack McGarr, Ben Senior, Michael Chaves (back row standing), and Nathan St Romain from Quinte Bay (standing back row left side).  Missing is Emma Chau and Hannah Roberts.

All of the tumbling passes from the 2013 Canadian Championships for Trampoline & Tumbling performed by the Oakville Gymnastics Club's tumblers are on my Youtube Channel at the following link:

If a pass was incomplete I did not post it.  

Congratulations to all of the OGC tumblers on representing the Oakville Gymnastics Club well and putting in some of your best performances of the year.  

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Retro Summer Tumbling Invitational Competition

It's that time of year again when we are inviting the OGC Tumblers to compete at the Scarborough Retro Summer Tumbling Invitational.  This event is for all levels of tumblers Developmental 1 Show Case kids (under 8 or not ready to compete round-off, back spring on their own) up to the National athletes.  
The Retro Summer Tumbling Invitational competition is a lot of fun and a great way to finish out the season.  The competition will be on Sunday, June 23rd at Scarborough Gym Elite.  Interclub will be first thing in the morning then Show Case, then Provincial and the day will end with National level tumblers.

Athletes and families are expected to follow the Retro Summer theme.  Feel free to break out the Hawaiian shirts, the sun visors and the flip-flops.

Registration will start in the office this week.  Hope everyone can make it.  There will be no tumbling classes on Sunday, June 23rd as all the coaches will be gone to this final competition.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

OGC Year End Gala Performance

On the evening of Thursday, June 6th the Oakville Gymnastics Club's competitive athletes will be part of the 1st ever Year End Gala Gymnastics Performance.  The evening has a theme of "Night At the Movies".  All competitive gymnasts from Interclub to Elite will be taking part showing off their skills.  We will be pulling out the 3 sets of in-gym bleachers for family and friends to get a close up view of their favourite gymnasts out on the equipment.  We will need parent volunteers to help with some aspects of the evening's performance so keep your eyes open for opportunities to complete your volunteer hours.  

This is an optional event that we strongly suggest your athlete attends.  All regular classes will be cancelled o that evening, including the recreational programs.  Admission will be by donation to the competitive discipline you wish to donate too.  Funds raised will go towards coaches travel costs for the 2013/2014 season so feel free to invite extended family, friends and neighbours.

Tumbling athletes will be expected to wear their competitive attire for the performance.  More details will be come available shortly.  You can plan for athletes to be at the gym from 5:30 to 8:00pm.

Canadian Championships 2013 Training Day

Day 1 of the 2013 Canadian Trampoline & Tumbling Championships form Carleton Univeristy in Ottawa.

The tumbling floor is front and centre.  Everyone had a strong training this morning and are looking forward to the first day of competition on Thursday, May 23rd.  Good Luck to Emma, Monique, Michael and Jonathan who compete tomorrow.

The unofficial 2013 Ontario Trampoline & Tumbling Team at Canadian Championships in Ottawa.

Friday, May 17, 2013

The 2013/2014 Tumbling Team

Here is the list of athletes that are being offered a spot on the 

2013/2014 OGC Tumbling Team:

Developmental 1 Tumbling group:
Coaches: Amanda and Niki
4 hour per week
1 Connor Copeland
2 Riley O'Donnell
3 Jason Patryluk
4 Malak Ansari
5 Olivia Kosmala 
6 Josie Johnson
7 Kaitlyn Turnbull
8 Joseph Mclelland
9 Mia Russo
10 Julia Rissuto

Developmental 2 Tumbling Group:
Coach: Niki
6 hours per week
1 Chiara Guiducci
2 Andrew Brown-Lapalme
3 Christopher Larner
4 Layla Nassiri
5 Sophie Mulvey
6 Blake Angove
7 Ainsley O'Hare
8 Noah Schiller
9 Ava Schriver

Developmental 3 Tumbling Group:
Coach: Amanda
8 hours per week
1 Lea Leblanc
2 Ella Bruce
3 Anna Mclelland
4 Coutney Squires
5 Alexandra Wight
6 Samantha Chafe
7 Ryan Grandin
8 Rylan Donohoe

Provincial 1 & 2 Group
Coach: Daniela
8 hours per week
1 Helen Dong
2 Lucy Boates
3 Riley Galloway
4 Maxx Brunetta
5 Sofia Uppal
6 Brady Lukas
7 Brenden Black

Provincial 2,3&4 Group
Coaches: Daniela & Amanda
10 hours per week
1 Meghan Taylor
2 Fiona Allen
3 Eryka Evans
4 Kaitlyn Wallace
5 Teanna Paris
6 Keegan Merner
7 Sarah Moran
8 Kyra Mark
9 Chris Oswald
10 Ashleigh Sampson
11 Ben Rybka
12 Alyssia Cordiero
13 Megan Turnbull
14 Sarah Hodgson
15 Danielle Senior
16 Cassandra Larner 
17 Melissa Kiley

National Group
Coaches: Don & Niki
11 hours per week
1 Alyssa Belford
2 Rylee Davison
3 Elizabeth Karam
4 Haven Swarts
5 Matthew Pan
6 Emma Chau
7 Rachel Davis
8 Dezember Treleaven
9 Savannah Wepf
10 Haley Debruyne
11 Mackenzie Senior
12 Jack McGarr
13 Ben Senior
14 Michael Chaves
15 Jonathan Meehan
16 Monique Lazaruk
17 Hannah Roberts

Congratulations to everyone who has been given a spot on the OGC Tumbling team for the next season. 

Thank you to everyone who tried out this year.  We appreciate the huge turn out of interested gymnasts from our recreational program.  Keep enjoying gymnastics and we hope to see you try out again next year.

Groups and Summer/Fall/Winter Schedules will be included in the Registration Package that will be available for you to pick up in the office next week at the front desk.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Eastern Canadian Championships pics

Here are some fun pictures from the OGC Tumblers who took part in the 2013 Eastern Canadian Championships in St John's, Newfoundland last week.
The team at Signal Hill in St John's harbour.

Congratulations to Stephanie Milligan, Provincial Level 4 Women's Tumbling 2013 Champion.  Way to go Steph!

Team Ontario Trampoline & Tumbling 2013 

Handstands at Signal Hill: Teanna, Steph, Mack, Eryka and Maxx

Niki (left) doing her handstand with some other coaches on Signal Hill.  I'm a bit worried they don't have a fence between them and a steep drop to the ocean.

Protecting Canada.

Videos from the Eastern Canadian Championships to be posted on Don's Youtube Channel shortly:  Follow the link to Don's Youtube Channel:

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Eastern Canadian Championships results 2013 Newfoundland

Congratulations to the OGC Tumblers who traveled to St John's, Newfoundland to the compete at the Eastern Canadian Championships for Trampoline & Tumbling.  

The final round results for top 8 finalists were:

Eryka Evans landed in the 4th spot just off the podium for the individual awards but took home a gold medal in the team competition for the Level 1 Women.  Go Team Ontario!
Mackenzie Senior captured the silver medal in the Men's Level 4 division.
Maxx Brunetta found himself in 5th!
Teanna Paris captured 6th in the Provincial 2 level Women's category.
Nicole Nieweglowski was in the 8th place spot after the prelims but was bumped out of the final competition to make space for an athlete from another province (a rule special to the Easterns so that all Provinces have representation in the final round).

Elizabeth Karam took a fall in the final round but still managed to capture 7th place overall.
Stephanie Milligan took the Level 4 Women's Tumbling title placing 1st!!!!!!!! Stephanie comes home with a team gold medal as well.
Eastern Canadian Champion Stephanie Milligan! 

Saturday, May 11, 2013


Elite Ontario BGs Invitational and 3rd Cup Tumbling

Here are some pictures from the last 3 competitions all of which took place at the Burlington BG's Club: 
Elite Ontario, 
BG's Interclub Invitational 
and the 3rd Ontario Cup for Tumbling.

Junior Women's Tumbling awards: Savannah capturing the bronze medal with Haven and Dezember in 5th and 6th respectively.

Hannah and Rachel placed 2nd and 1st respectively in the National Open Women's division.

Michael and Jonathan took home 2nd and 3rd places in the Senior Men's Tumbling.

In the Junior Men's category Ben landed in 5th and Jack in 7th.

Michael and Jonathan with their over-sized medals.

Everyone walked away with something at the BG's Interclub Invitational.  Back row: Brenden, Danielle and Ben, Front row: Leah and Ella

Ava, Layla, Christopher and Connor took part in the demonstration part of the competition.

They love being in front of the camera.

Right on!  Go OGC!

Looking comfortable after the competition.  The stress is gone.

Level 1 9-10 Year old awards with Helen and Riley.

Eryka captures gold at the 3rd Ontario Cup and Kyra lands the silver medal.  Congrats to all of our girls in the P1 tumbling category.  You all had a great meet.

Alyssa strikes a GO poster pose.

Notice the boy?

Do you see him?  or just Gaby's forehead.

He is practically one of the team.

Alyssia captures the bronze in the Provincial Level 2 girls.

Gold for Teanna in the Provincial 2 11-12 girls with Cassandra in 8th place.

Golden girls pose.

The Provincial Level 2 13+ Ladies looking lovely.