Thursday, May 9, 2013

Ontario Championships 2013 Congrats!

Congratulations to the OGC Provincial Level Power Tumblers who have qualified to the Ontario Championships.

Provincial Level 1 9 - 10 Year olds Girls
Samantha Chafe
Helen Dong
Riley Galloway

Provincial Level 1 11 - 12 Year olds Girls
Eryka Evans
Megan Turnbull
Sarah Moran
Ashleigh Sampson
Kaitlyn Wallace
Kyra Mark
Sarah Hodgson
Sofia Uppal
Lucy Boates 

Provincial Level 2 9 - 10 Year olds Girls
Alyssia Cordiero

Provincial Level 2 11-12 Year olds Girls
Teanna Paris
Melissa Kiley
Cassandra Larner

Provincial Level 2 13 & Over Girls
Nicole Nieweglowski
Alyssa Belford
Georgia Brabender
Gabrielle Martin

Provincial Level 3 14 & Under Girls
Erin Dane

Provincial Level 4 14 & Under Girls
Rylee Davison
Elizabeth Karam

Provincial Level 4 15 & Over Girls
Stephanie Milligan

Provincial Level 1 Boys
Maxx Brunetta

Provincial Level 3 Boys
Keegan Merner

Provincial Level 4 Boys
Mackenzie Senior

The competition will take place at the University of Toronto @ Mississauga, Recreation and Wellness Centre, 3359 Mississauga Road North, Mississauga, ON, L5L 1C6 on Friday, June 7th, Saturday, June 8th, and Sunday, June 9th.

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