Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy Holidays




January Schedule

Again to see the image in a format that is large enough to read simply click on the image and it will pop up in another window.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Interclub Mock Meet RESULTS

My apologies for taking so long to get this up. Things have been busy with Christmas and all. Here they are. Congratulations to everyone. The Mock Meet went really well and all the athletes performed to their abilities. Thank you to Scarborough Gym Elites and Quinte Bay Gymnastics Club for participating.

If anyone has pictures from the day's events or awards I would love to post some here. I was busy doing the scoring that day and I didn't take any pictures of my own to post.
For the Demonstration athletes I simply posted the order of presentation as we do not generate scores for demonstrators.
On the score sheet you will see that the athletes receive an execution score from each of the three judges. Things that make a big difference are: landing on one foot instead of two, taking an extra step into a pass that should start with a hurdle, falling down or touching any body part to the floor other than hands and feet.
In the second pass the athlete also receives a DD score which means degree of difficulty score. For this level of athlete the DD is all the same as they must do the same skill. In higher levels this is different and more valuable. Both scores are added together to get an overall score. We gave awards for 1st pass, 2nd pass and Allaround but in official competitions usually only the allaround awards will be given. Hopefully this little bit of explanation helps as I know most parents sit in the viewing area scratching their heads as to what it all means.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winner of Leaf's Tickets

Congratulations to Brenton Salmon. Brenton won the Toronto Maple Leaf's ticket raffle. Go Leaf's! Go! Thank you to everyone who bought tickets. We raised $330. Thank you to everyone for supporting the tumbling program.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Interclub Mock Meet Schedule

Here is the schedule for the Demonstration and Interclub Mock Meet we are hosting this Sunday, December 12th.

Start orders will be available on the day of competition.
Results will be posted here after the competition.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

1st ON CUP Where and When?

1st Ontario Cup:

Schedule posted was November 23rd (check the November archive).


Burlington BG's Gymnastics, Maple Avenue in Burlington just south of Mapleview Mall on the right hand side.

Two gold medalist already.
Two silver medalists.


Secret Santa Gift Exchange

Jut letting the athletes and parents know that we are doing a Secret Santa Gift Exchange in some of the tumbling groups.

National Group: the gift exchange will be on December 14th. Gift max $20.

Provincial CBA Group: the gift exchange will be on December 16th. Gift max $20

If you will be gone by that date on a cruise or visiting relatives please give in your gift in advance. You will receive your gift upon returning to training.

Kelsey's Developmental 2 group is doing a gift exchange but Kelsey has e-mailed or spoke to you directly regarding the details of her group's exchange.

If you child doesn't know who they have to buy for please send an e-mail to Don or Niki or Wendy. We have the list in a vault, underground, with a bullet proof door, accessed only by retinal scan and voice analysis code.

Provincial Qualification Scores 2010/2011

These are the scores you need to acheive in order to attend the Provincial Championships.

You need to meet the score two times over four competitions but there is an interesting provision that you can do this by adding two scores together to make the total of hitting the score twice.

e.g. 1st Ontario Cup Suzie, a Provincial D tumblers, receives a score of 55 and at the 2nd Ontario Cup Suzie gets a 52 (her total score over two competitions is 107). To qualify to Provincial Championships she only needs to make 106 (53 +53). So even though she has only hit score once she has been close enough to make an accumulative score that is high enough. Strange. I know but it does help those few athletes who were close get to Provincial Championships.

Provincial D 53

Provincial C 53.1

Provincial B 50.9

Provincial A 49.6

Good luck to everyone this weekend!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Please not the changes. The December schedule has many abnormalities. You can save this schedule by clicking on the picture. save image as. then print picture.

Hope to see all of you at the Christmas Banquet.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

BA Training Camp Pics

On Friday, November 19th and Saturday, November 20th we hosted our own Provincial B and A level tumbling training camp with special guest clinicians. Sarah Dybka, a long time power tumbler from the Burlington BG's, who is now a Personal Trainer. Sarah worked the tumblers on Power and Strength Friday night. Sarah used to train with Don and then became an athlete of his and Niki's. Ashley Speed from Markham was the 2009 World Championships Bronze medalist in Women's Tumbling. She came to lend her critical eye to our athletes on the Saturday. Her experience and enthusiasm was inspirational to all of our athletes. Thanks to our clinicians for making the camp so exciting. Thanks to the Simcoe Gliders Tumbling Team for participating in our camp. Always glad to have friends come join us at the OGC.

Provincial Mock Meet Thanks

Thanks to everyone who made the Provincial Mock Meet such a success.

A big thanks to our judges and the parents that helped out on Sunday.

Congratulations to all the athletes.

I think everyone is that much more prepared for the 1st Ontario Cup coming up in two weeks.

Also thanks to the Simcoe Glider's Tumbling Team for coming to participate in our Mock Meet.

Thanks again.

Mock Meet Provincial D Results

Mock Meet Provincial D Women & Men

Provincial D Women 1st pass, 2nd pass, allaround
Provincial D Men 2nd pass, allaround

Mock Meet Provincial C Results

Mock Meet Provincial C Women Group 1

Provincial C Women Group 1 1st pass, 2nd pass, Allaround

Mock Meet Provincial C Women Group 2 & Men

Provincial C Women Group 2 1st pass, 2nd pass, allaround
Provincial C "The Man" Connor Salmon!

Mock Meet Provincial B Results

Mock Meet Provincial B Pics

Provincial B Women 1st pass, 2nd pass, allaround
Provincial B Men allaround

Mock Meet Provincial A Results

Mock Meet Provincial A Women

1st pass, 2nd pass, finals pass, allaround

Mock Meet Provincial A Boys

Results 1st pass, 2nd pass, Finals, Allaround

Mock Meet Pics 1