Saturday, December 4, 2010

Secret Santa Gift Exchange

Jut letting the athletes and parents know that we are doing a Secret Santa Gift Exchange in some of the tumbling groups.

National Group: the gift exchange will be on December 14th. Gift max $20.

Provincial CBA Group: the gift exchange will be on December 16th. Gift max $20

If you will be gone by that date on a cruise or visiting relatives please give in your gift in advance. You will receive your gift upon returning to training.

Kelsey's Developmental 2 group is doing a gift exchange but Kelsey has e-mailed or spoke to you directly regarding the details of her group's exchange.

If you child doesn't know who they have to buy for please send an e-mail to Don or Niki or Wendy. We have the list in a vault, underground, with a bullet proof door, accessed only by retinal scan and voice analysis code.

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