Saturday, December 4, 2010

Provincial Qualification Scores 2010/2011

These are the scores you need to acheive in order to attend the Provincial Championships.

You need to meet the score two times over four competitions but there is an interesting provision that you can do this by adding two scores together to make the total of hitting the score twice.

e.g. 1st Ontario Cup Suzie, a Provincial D tumblers, receives a score of 55 and at the 2nd Ontario Cup Suzie gets a 52 (her total score over two competitions is 107). To qualify to Provincial Championships she only needs to make 106 (53 +53). So even though she has only hit score once she has been close enough to make an accumulative score that is high enough. Strange. I know but it does help those few athletes who were close get to Provincial Championships.

Provincial D 53

Provincial C 53.1

Provincial B 50.9

Provincial A 49.6

Good luck to everyone this weekend!

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