Monday, August 17, 2015

August Schedule UPDATE


Rob will be away for the next two weeks working with the Armed Forces.  Please note that there are several coaches who will be filling in for Rob over the next two weeks.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Canadian Tumbling Championships

Congratulations to the OGC Tumbling Team who competed at the 2015 Canadian Trampoline & Tumbling Championships in Calgary July 24th to 27th.

Our team had the following placings:
Haven Swarts 1st - Gold Medalist Junior Women's Tumbling
Haven Swarts 1st - Gold Medal winning Women's Tumbling Team Ontario
Elizabeth Karam 3rd - Bronze Medalist Level 5 15&Under Women's Tumbling
Emma Chau 6th Level 5 15&Under Women's Tumbling
Teanna Paris 12th Level 5 15&Under Women's Tumbling
Alyssia Cordeiro 13th Level 5 15&Under Women's Tumbling
Sarah Palazzese 11th Level 5 16&Over Women's Tumbling
Ben Rybka 8th Level 6 Men's Tumbling
Seamus O'Donoughue 5th Junior Men's Tumbling
Ben Senior 6th Senior Men's Tumbling
Dezember Treleaven Senior Women's Tumbling (did not compete due to injury)

Thank you to the athletes for working so hard and putting in their best efforts.  
We are proud of our whole team.

Ben Senior received a special achievement award for his results at the 2014 Indo-Pacific Championships in South Africa.

Haven Swarts, 2015 Junior Women's Tumbling Champion.

The Ontario Women's Tumbling Team winning gold.

Don and Niki with our former athletes Emily Smith and Denis Vachon.  Emily and Denis were our first Senior Tumbling Champions in 2003.

The Team in Banff.