Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Welcome to Summer Tumbling!

Hi Everyone,

Glad to have you all back for summer tumbling. I know some people will be away at different times during the summer but wherever you are you can always check the blog to keep up to date.

I am determined to be a dedicated 'blogger' this summer. Expect lots of pictures and updates right here.

For the new additions to the program you can send me direct e-mails via my hotmail address

Please note that we do request that students attend at least 50% of the summer hours offered to them. Clearly we would prefer 100% but we know that in the summer there are fun pool parties, BB Q's, and weekends at the cottage. Please take advantage of your summer as I know I will.

Summer attire while in the gym is the same as always as the AC is on and the gym is quite cool.

BOYS: Singlet and shorts of appropriate length are the preferred apparel. You make wear t-shirts but the shorts are the main thing. Athletic shorts that are above the knees please. No shorts with zippers, buttons, or inflexible material. Zippers and buttons often poke wholes in our equipment. There should be a fresh supply of gymnastics apparel in the lobby to choose new training wear from. Winners has cheep running shorts as well. They are light and short enough. You do not have to wear them outside. Your friends in the gym will not make fun of you for wearing shorter shorts. I promise.

GIRLS: No crop tops from now on. Leotards or the half leotards are fine. The regular training shorts are fine as well.

Let's have a great summer.

Good luck to the new athletes that are joining the program.

All the best to our new staff Ellie, Amanda, Ricardo and Teresa. Please introduce yourselves to your athlete's coach. You have a whole year ahead of you to get to know one another.

Let the summer begin!

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