Monday, January 14, 2008



Here are the volunteer posts available for this weekend. They are simple and easy, well maybe scoring is harder but you will have lots of help and no one will yell at you.



Results posting, running, distributing




Awards and goodie-bags

Certificates creation and Distribution

Gym Tidy-ing

Managing the Video in the Lobby (real simple)

Judges/Coaches room, hospitality

Please send Don an e-mail with what you are able/available to help with.

You are welcome to just sign up for the day that you child competes. As well all positions can see the competition so you will not be stuck at a door outside or in an office where you cannot see the action.

It will be fun and relaxed. All volunteers are asked to wear black to make you look formal ... but... relaxed.

Please make all of our guests feel welcome!

Good luck to all competitors and nervous mom's!

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