Thursday, April 22, 2010

Interclub Competition April 24

Here is an important notice for all Interclub Tumblers at the OGC.

This weekend, Saturday, April 24th we are having our own little competition for our Interclub Tumblers.

I have posted a schedule here but it really is not that important for you to know. The main thing you need to know is that your child needs to be at the OGC from 4:15pm registration and they will be done having a great time at 7:30pm. Please feel free to print the schedule (click on the image, it will come up in a second window, right click on the image and Save As a Picture, print the picture).

Parents will NOT be allowed in the gym to videotape or take pictures but we will be videotaping ourselves and showing the athletes. I might even be able to post it on the blog for everyone to watch. I will also post pictures on the blog. We will have the athletes March through the viewing area so that you can cheer them on and we will do awards in the viewing area as well.

Once the awards are done the athletes will be allowed some free time in the gym. This is for the tumblers only and not for siblings, friends, parents or grandparents who just want to bounce. Sorry.

We will have pizza and drinks for the tumblers as well.

Competition attire is a bodysuit or singlet and shorts for the boys. If you have club suits you should wear them then. If you don't then blue and white is good and if you don't have blue and white then whatever you have will be fine.

Please treat this as a competition so things to remember, competition hair, clean hands, feet and knees (which is a challenge to manage on a Saturday afternoon in the spring). If your athlete has a club tracksuit they are expected to wear it for the March In and Out.

Any further questions or concerns can be addressed to Amanda and Kelsey. Scores will be posted on the blog after the competition. You will not be able to get scores at the competition.

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