Wednesday, April 28, 2010

May Schedule

Please note that there are some changes during the week of May 24th to 30th as Niki and Don will be away at National Championships. Please pay close attention as most groups have altered trainings during that week.
You may also do well to notice that there are Open Tryouts and RE-Tryouts coming up. Again if any athlete is planning on NOT returning to the tumbling program you need to send an official e-mail to Agnes or myself to let us know. Thanks.

IC Comp Note

Hope you all enjoy the pictures from this weekend's exciting Interclub event. I will try to get the video up here on the blog as well.


IC Comp Pics 6

IC Comp Pics 5

IC Comp Pics 4

IC Comp Pics 3

IC Comp Pics 2

IC Comp Pics 1

Monday, April 26, 2010

Picture Request


The Year End Banquet for the competitive families of the OGC will take place June 10th, 2010 at the Operating Engineer's Banquet and Conference Centre, 2245 Speers Road (between Third Line and Bronte).

At the year end banquet we always have a slide show of pictures taken over the year. Everyone is invited to send up to 10 photos of their athlete. Please submit those photos either to myself (DON) or on disk format to Agnes in the main office. We will ensure they get to the correct person. If you have already done this, Great! If you were thinking about it but haven't done it yet then stop procrastinating.

OGC Interclub Competition

Hey Everyone,

Here are the results from this weekend's little OGC Interclub Competition.

I'm in the process of preparing some photos for the blog and will get more up soon.

If you have any photos you would like to send me of this event as I wasn't able to take podium shots please do. As well any noteworthy shots with coaches and friends would be great.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

1st Question: IC Competition

1st Question: Are boys and girls competing against each other?

Answer: Yes. We only have a few bodies in each group and everyone will receive something. So the boys and girls will be competing against each other. At some competitions this will be the case. Once athletes make it to the Provincial Levels this almost never happens. If it does it is useually due to numbers of registrants. The competition is healthy.

Interclub Competition April 24

Here is an important notice for all Interclub Tumblers at the OGC.

This weekend, Saturday, April 24th we are having our own little competition for our Interclub Tumblers.

I have posted a schedule here but it really is not that important for you to know. The main thing you need to know is that your child needs to be at the OGC from 4:15pm registration and they will be done having a great time at 7:30pm. Please feel free to print the schedule (click on the image, it will come up in a second window, right click on the image and Save As a Picture, print the picture).

Parents will NOT be allowed in the gym to videotape or take pictures but we will be videotaping ourselves and showing the athletes. I might even be able to post it on the blog for everyone to watch. I will also post pictures on the blog. We will have the athletes March through the viewing area so that you can cheer them on and we will do awards in the viewing area as well.

Once the awards are done the athletes will be allowed some free time in the gym. This is for the tumblers only and not for siblings, friends, parents or grandparents who just want to bounce. Sorry.

We will have pizza and drinks for the tumblers as well.

Competition attire is a bodysuit or singlet and shorts for the boys. If you have club suits you should wear them then. If you don't then blue and white is good and if you don't have blue and white then whatever you have will be fine.

Please treat this as a competition so things to remember, competition hair, clean hands, feet and knees (which is a challenge to manage on a Saturday afternoon in the spring). If your athlete has a club tracksuit they are expected to wear it for the March In and Out.

Any further questions or concerns can be addressed to Amanda and Kelsey. Scores will be posted on the blog after the competition. You will not be able to get scores at the competition.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rocky Sit-Ups

Here is an unusual post for the National tumblers who didn't know what Rocky Sit-Ups were.

Hope you like the training montage. Rocky Balboa is about to fight ? some Russian in a boxing match. It's quite over the top but it may give you a new appreciation for '80's movies.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Returning Tumblers

We are now preparing for this year's Tryouts. If you have decided that tumbling is not the sport for you and you've decided to make the jump to lawn bowling please let us know in an e-mail or letter. We need to get a clear picture of how many spots we will have available in the following season.

If we do not hear from you we will assume that you ARE planning on returning to tumbling.

We will be doing Retryouts for all athletes this year including National Level tumblers. Details as to what is required and the dates for Retryouts will be posted here soon.

The OGC Tumbling Program Staff

Monday, April 19, 2010

Movie Makers Wanted

Hey Everyone,

I'm sure you have been to the club and seen our new OGC TV playing in the lobby. The Tumbling Program is looking for some help producing a montage video similar to what the girls have created.

If there are any would be director/producer types out there please let us know. We'd love to put something together to showcase and promote the OGC Tumbling Program.

Jonathan Meehan 1st Ontario Cup

Here is Jonathan Meehan's first pass (straight pass) that he performed at the 1st Ontario Cup back in January.

His pass is:

round-off, whip, spring, double-layout, whip, whip, spring, double pike

It's pretty smooth. Nice work Jonathan. Sorry it took me so long to get it up here on the blog.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Destiny Doesn't ...

Here is a commercial I like that played before the 2010 Olympics. I'm not usually a promoter for a brand like Nike but I am a supporter of this kind of attitude towards training. This one goes out to Bethan. Push yourself!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Provincial Champions!

Congratulations to Emma Chau and Luke Mackinnon who are the 2010 Provincial Champions in Power Tumbling.

Emma won the Provincial D Junior Women's title and Luke captured the Novice National 15+ Men's category.

Way to go Emma and Luke!

OGC Coaches and Judges

Congratulations to the OGC Coaches Don and Niki for looking good and keeping everyone together during this high stress and eventful competition.

As well Niki and Maureen judged up a storm over the weekend.

Sorry I don't have a better picture of Maureen judging (she's the lady sitting at the judges table in the background).

Prov Champs Results Provincial

The Provincial Level tumblers from the OGC had a great Provincial Championships. Fantastic results in some really tough categories.
Here are the standings:
Provincial D Women Junior
Emma Chau 1st place - GOLD MEDAL
Naomi Smith 2nd place - SILVER MEDAL
Jade Jordan 5th place
Connie Robinson 8th place
Provincial D Women Senior
Valeria Granda 3rd place - BRONZE MEDAL
Provincial C 12- Women
Rachel Sardella 7th place
Monique Lazaruk 8th place
Provincial C 13+ Junior Women
Kiana Ng 12th place
Provincial B Women
Stephanie Milligan 8th place
Rachel Dhingra 9th place
VaNessah Sears-Duru 10th place
Paxton Lapko 12th place
Provincial B Men
Jamie Patrick 2nd place - SILVER MEDAL