Thursday, May 12, 2011

Developmental Demo & Interclub Meet

Hello Everyone in Developmental Tumbling,

Hopefully you are all aware of this weekend's Tumbling Demonstration and Competition for the Developmental Tumblers at the OGC. This competition is an 'in-house' competition, there will not be any athletes from other clubs. We did this last year for our athletes and they had a lot of fun, especially during the "free time" and "pizza" part of the event. Hopefully you have all registered with Kelsey and Amanda. Here is the detailed schedule with the athletes who are demonstrating or competing. Again viewing will be from the viewing area only. We will march the athletes up through the viewing area and distribute awards in the viewing area so that you can take pictures and cheer loud. We look forward to another fun event for our young super stars.

Please also note that the next event is June 12th in Scarburough. Information on the Scarburough Gym Elite's Retro Summer Invitational Trampoline & Tumbling competition will be out soon.

OGC Developmental Competition

Sunday,May 15th


5 dollars


Jessica, Nolan, Kate, Barrett, Madison, Lucy, Megan, Nikki, Leah, Elle B, Anjali

Stretch: 3:35-3:45

Warm up: 3:45- 3:55

Compete: 3:55-4:05


Annie, Daniela, Sofia

Stretch: 4:05-4:15

Warm up: 4:15-4:25

Compete: 4:25-4:35


Ashleigh, Sophie, Sarah, Kaitlyn, Phoenix, Cassandra, Melissa, Hannah

Stretch: 4:35-4:45

Warm up: 4:45-4:55

Compete: 4:55-5:05

Awards(for everyone): 5:05-5:35

Free time (for everyone): 5:35-6:05

Pizza and Drinks: 6:05-6:30

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