Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Go Faster.. Go Higher! Tumbling Camp

Here is information on the Gymnastics Ontario Training Camp for Provincial Level Tumblers.  

To register for this camp please provide Agnes with a payment of $200 for the camp by Friday, September 28th.  

Please note that the training camp is over two weekends.  If you cannot participate in more than one of the 6 training days please do not register.  We would prefer that athletes who can attend the full camp participate.  

Coaches Jonathan, Don and Daniela will be attending with the athletes.

The following tumblers are invited to attend this training camp:
Maxx Brunetta
Kaitlin Wallace
Helen Dong
Sofia Uppal
Cassandra Larner
Ashleigh Sampson
Lucy Boates
Sarah Hodgson
Megan Turnbull
Eryka Evans
Alyssia Cordeiro
Teanna Paris
Keegan Merner
Melissa Kiley
Erin Dane
Sarah Moran
Kiera Witcher-Dowling
Kyra Mark
Georgia Brabender
Nicole MacDonald
Tricia Doma
Alyssa Belford
Chris Oswald
Gabrielle Martin
Nicole Nieweglowski
Daniela Mendoza

If you are not on this list you will be invited to other events over the course of the year.

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