Sunday, October 7, 2012

Tracksuit Sizing and Optional OGC Apparel

On Tuesday, October 9th Twist Activewear will be at the OGC from 4:00 to 8:00pm with sizing suits for you to try on.  If you need a tracksuit you can purchase them on Tuesday.  All female Provincial and National tumblers must have the tracksuit shown here.  

It is a yoga suit style that is fitted so you really need to try on a suit to make sure that you get one that fits.  

Provincial and National Boys in the tumbling program are required to get the new tracksuit through Twist Activewear.  There will be a sample at the gym on Tuesday.  I do not have a picture of it to show you hear.  It will be similar in style but not the yoga style tracksuit.

Optional OGC apparel will be available as well.  The track pants, hooded sweatshirt and new OGC T-shirts will also be available to all competitive athletes and their families.  Once I have photos they will get posted here on the blog.

All Developmental tumblers are welcome to purchase  the optional items and the tracksuit if they like.  

This is not a fitting/measuring day for leotards and singlets for the tumbling program.  We will do a sizing/measuring day for leotards and singlets at a later date.  Keep checking the blog for details.

Tracksuit SWAP:  if you purchased a tracksuit last year and you would like to sell or swap it please bring it on Tuesday, October 9th.  Parents will be able to connect with each other via the main office.  A sign up sheet will be there for tracksuit swap.  Please put your name, email, phone and tracksuit size that you wish to swap.  Bring the tracksuit (washed) and in a bag clearly indicating that it is yours and leave it with the office.  They can then let others try it on if there is someone interested.  All transactions will be up to the families wishing to swap and will not be the responsibility of the office staff.

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