Monday, September 28, 2009

3rd Qualifier in Quebec

There has been some questions as to what the "3rd Qualifier in Quebec" is doing on our Event Schedule.

Well, we have decided that we don't like the fact that all of our athletes aren't able to share in the travel opportunities that some others are able to qualify to during the regular season. Travel opportunities such as Eastern Canadian Championships or Tour or Ontario Winter Games, what-have-you. So we decided that we would offer an optional travel competition to Quebec this year. We plan to take a coach bus (or two) and invite families as well. The idea is that we travel as a team and cheer each other on. We want all of our athletes to share in this event from our Provincial D athletes all the way up to our National level tumblers. We have asked our friends in Quebec if we could attend one of their qualifiers and the one that works out best for us is the 3rd Provincial qualification competition in Quebec. It is the 3rd qualifier for Quebec athletes not our kids as the 3rd Ontario Cup is in Barrie.

This is a fun competition that we would like to make an annual event whether we travel to Quebec, another province or the USA.

If this requires further explanation feel free to drop Niki or I an e-mail.


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