Monday, September 14, 2009

Tumbling Parents Meeting

Parent Meeting for Parents of ALL Tumblers.

This meeting is for parents of tumblers in every tumbling group from Developmental 1, 2, 3, Provincial D, CBA and National.

The meeting will run from 7:00 to 8:30pm on Tuesday, September 22nd. It will be in one of the rooms in the Recreational Center as there are too many parents to fit in the community room or downstairs lobby of the gym club. I will post the room number on the day of the meeting.

Please bring your questions that pertain to the whole group at that time. If you have a specific question about your child then please address that with their coach specifically first. If the coach is not able to answer your question then send Niki or I an e-mail. If you have a question pertaining to fees or volunteerism at the club then please contact Agnes. If you have an item that is beyond this scope then feel free to set up an appointment with Wayne Huseey our COO.


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