Saturday, January 30, 2010

1st Ontario Cup RESULTS Day 1.1

Here are some quick stats:

18 registered

17 competed

1 scratch - broken finger Michelle

8 met qualification score for their level

9 did not meet qualification score for their level

2 Gold Medals

- Valeria Granda Provincial D Sr Girls

- Erik Polacek Provincial C 13+ Boys

1 Silver Medal

- Jade Jordan Provincial D Jr Girls

1 Bronze Medal

- Jamie Patrick Provincial B Boys

1 level of athletes moved from Saturday to Sunday so that the organizers could move the tumbling strip over 6 feet, this was done so that the Youth boys won't hit their feet on the heaters that hang from the ceiling, they will compete tomorrow with the Novice 15+ Tumblers

Congratulations to all who competed. Whether the meet went the way you wanted or not you all performed with confidence and poise. Way to go OGC Tumblers for a great presentation today.

Good luck to the Day 2 competitors.

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