Friday, January 29, 2010

Age Splits & Qaul Scores Provincial Levels

At the top of the first page posted here are the qualification scores for the Provincial levels of D, C, B, and A. If your age level is split the score is still the same. For instance all C Level Women tumblers must achieve 53.1 to attend the Provincial Championships (well they need to achieve it twice actually).

Note that if we had an error in our age level splits, which we did, one, there may be others from other clubs. This list may have some errors corrected over the weekend of the 1st Ontario Cup.

For now please attend the competition based on the levels and the age split your child falls under.

If your athlete is not indicated on these pages it is because they are maybe in a level where there are not enough athletes to warrant a split in the category. Don't worry. Everyone is registered.

Write down the score you need to make as Niki and I are not able to memorize the qualification scores for all 9 levels of tumbling. Sorry.

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