Monday, March 8, 2010

March Break No Viewing

Just letting everyone know that during the March Break weekday evenings there will not be any parent viewing allowed. The office/viewing area will be closing at 5:00pm Monday to Friday next week. Athletes will have to be dropped off and picke up at the sliding glass doors. Parents/family members/chauffeurs will not be permitted into the club to assist the athletes with changing or gathering their belongings.

If your athlete arrives late they will not be able to get into the club so you must be on time for you class.

If your athlete needs to leave early you will have to arrange this in advance of the class. Understand that the coach will have to usher your child to the door in the middle of class and the class will have to stop for your athlete as the coach will not be able to leave anyone in the gym. Please arrange for your child to be on time and there for the duration of the class.

Thanks for your understanding.

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