Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pictures from Scarborough Tumbling Meet

Here are the results from the Scarborough Gym Elite's Retro Summer T&T Invitational competition.

If you have any great photos from the day please send them to me.

Interclub Junior Men Tumbling
Max Brunetta 1st place GOLD

Interclub Junior Girls Group 2 Tumbling
Daniella Mendoza 3rd place BRONZE
Megan Turnbull 9th place

Interclub Junior Girls Group 3 Tumbling
Sofia Uppa 3rd place BRONZE
Kyra Mark 4th place
Samantha Chafe 5th place

Interclub Senior Girls Group 1 Tumbling
Melissa Kiley 2nd place SILVER
Cassandra Larner 3rd place BRONZE
Kaitlyn Wallace 4th place
Ashleigh Sampson 6th place

Interclub Senior Girls Group 2 Tumbling
Phoenix Lee 1st place GOLD
Madeline Hawkins 5th place

Provincial D Women's Tumbling
Sophie Hawthorn 1st place GOLD
Kiera Witcher-Dowling 3rd place BRONZE

Provincial C Women's Tumbling
Erin Dane 1st place GOLD
Georgia Brabender 2nd place SILVER
Nicole MacDonald 3rd place BRONZE
Elizabeth Karam 4th place
Marlo Rosart 6th place
Kelsey Horn 8th place

Provincial C Men's Tumbling
Keegan Merner 2nd place SILVER
Matthew Pan 4th place
Tyler Hutchings 5th place
Ethan Hawkins 6th place

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