Friday, June 3, 2011

Tumbling Nationals Pics 2

The Tumbling Team competition runs on a unique format where four athletes from each province are chosen to perform one pass. The top three passes are added together to create a total score. Whichever province has the largest score wins. Each four person team is comprised of a Senior, a Youth, an Open and a Novice 11-14 tumbler. If one of these levels is not available then they take a Novice 15+ tumbler onto the team. DD scores are adjusted to make the levels more comparable rather than a huge degree of difficulty score from the Senior counting for so much.

The Ontario Women's Tumbling team captured the GOLD medal edging out Saskatchewan and BC. Savannah Wepf, of the OGC, was part of the Ontario Women's Tumbling Team. Congratulations Savannah.

The Ontario Men's Tumbling team had to settle for the SILVER medal loosing to the strong Alberta team. The OGC's Jonathan Meehan and Michael Chaves were part of the Ontario Men's Tumbling Team.

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