Sunday, June 26, 2011

Active Rest

Please be sure to stay active and work on your fitnes while you are enjoying this week off. Parents are invited to join their athlete in completing these simple activities. Please sign off on the work sheet and have your tumbler bring it with them on their first day back in the gym.

If you are taking addional weeks off feel free to use this page as a guideline for keeping fit while outside of the gym.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Retro Summer Pics 4

Clearly if there is too much time between the competition and the awards kids and parents can't control themselves and they start playing on the equipment. Good thing we brought our own Emergency 1st Response Team with us.

Congratulations to everyone who competed at the Scarborough Gym Elite's Retro Summer Invitational.

I am missing results for the B's and A's. If you can let me know via email I will post those results here too.

Retro Summer Pics 3

Retro Summer Pics 2

Retro Summer Pics

Pictures from Scarborough Tumbling Meet

Here are the results from the Scarborough Gym Elite's Retro Summer T&T Invitational competition.

If you have any great photos from the day please send them to me.

Interclub Junior Men Tumbling
Max Brunetta 1st place GOLD

Interclub Junior Girls Group 2 Tumbling
Daniella Mendoza 3rd place BRONZE
Megan Turnbull 9th place

Interclub Junior Girls Group 3 Tumbling
Sofia Uppa 3rd place BRONZE
Kyra Mark 4th place
Samantha Chafe 5th place

Interclub Senior Girls Group 1 Tumbling
Melissa Kiley 2nd place SILVER
Cassandra Larner 3rd place BRONZE
Kaitlyn Wallace 4th place
Ashleigh Sampson 6th place

Interclub Senior Girls Group 2 Tumbling
Phoenix Lee 1st place GOLD
Madeline Hawkins 5th place

Provincial D Women's Tumbling
Sophie Hawthorn 1st place GOLD
Kiera Witcher-Dowling 3rd place BRONZE

Provincial C Women's Tumbling
Erin Dane 1st place GOLD
Georgia Brabender 2nd place SILVER
Nicole MacDonald 3rd place BRONZE
Elizabeth Karam 4th place
Marlo Rosart 6th place
Kelsey Horn 8th place

Provincial C Men's Tumbling
Keegan Merner 2nd place SILVER
Matthew Pan 4th place
Tyler Hutchings 5th place
Ethan Hawkins 6th place

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Scarborough Gym Elites Directions

Here is a map to the Scarborough Gym Elites gymnastics club. If you simply take the 401 East past the 400 and the DVP you eventually get to Morningside. Go south until Coronation Drive, turn left and follow it around until you find the gym on your left-hand side (it's in an industrial park).

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Retro Summer Schedule

(click on image to see it in a larger format)

Here is the schedule and the registration list for the Scarborough Gym Elites Retro Summer Trampoline & Tumbling Invitational. Please be sure to check the level your tumbler is registered in so that you can arrive on time for this competition.

This competition is very relaxed and fun so please show up in your best Retro Summer outfits: Hawaiian shirts, grass skirts, water wings, etc. Try to have as much fun with this competition as possible.


(click on the image to see it in a larger format)

Please note that the September schedule is a DRAFT schedule and may be altered slightly in the fall.

The schedules have been given intense consideration. Changes to the times to suit your own personal schedule will not be possible.

Yes, we realize that you are getting these schedules only three weeks before the summer begins but they are very similar to last summer and with all schedules archived here on the blog you were able to see what our previous schedules were like in the past.

Remember you are expected to attend at least 50% of all summer training. If you are unable to participate in the program due to scheduling please let us know but it is unlikely that accommodations will be possible. We have a long waiting list for the program and we have taken more than our program model allows in order to provide as many athletes with the opportunity to be part of our tumbling program.

We are happy to say that all tumblers who were part of the 2010/2011 season who were seeking a spot on the 2011/2012 Tumbling Team were provided with a space. Congratulations to all on making the team and thank you for your cooperation, effort and support over the past year.

Athlete Packages will be available for pick up this evening at the OGC.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

2011 2012 Tumbling Groups

(click on the image to see in larger format)

Here are the tumbling groups for the 2011 2012 Tumbling year.

Thank you to everyone who tried out for the team this year. We will be contacting you with feedback regarding your son or daughter's tryout.

Some of you are on a waiting list but are not identified here. Packages for the tumblers will be available tomorrow, Wednesday, June 8th to pick up in the office.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Tumbling Nationals Pics 7

The OGC tumblers didn't get a metion in the local paper but at least they looked good on the front page. The rest of us just tried to take in the down east experience and enjoy some Cows Icecream.

Congratulations to all of our OGC tumblers who competed at the 2011 Canadian National Championships.

Tumbling Nationals Pics 6

Jonathan Meehan captured his second SILVER medal this year as a Senior tumbler. Jonathan captured a surprise silver medal at Elite Canada in Trois Rivieres earlier this year and was the favourite to capture another at the National Championships in PEI. After the preliminary round he was in a tie for fourth but managed to delivered two solid final routines in order to move up to second. Alex Seifert of Alberta sits miles ahead of the Senior Men's field performing huge passes with ease as the veteran senior. Congratulations to Jonathan on his successful National Championships. Jonathan is vying for a spot on the Senior Tumbling Team for the up coming World Championships in Birmingham, England.

Tumbling Nationals Pics 5

Michael Chaves was able to keep the Youth National Gold in the OGC. Last year the OGC's Jonathan Meehan captured the Youth Men's Tumbling Gold. This year the competition was really close with Michael just edging past Sean Robertson of the Burlington BG's. Michael managed to capture the score he needed to qualify to the World Age Group Championships as well. Congratulations to Michael, National Champion.

Tumbling Nationals Pics 4

Luke Mackinnon captured the Novice 15+ Men's tumbling GOLD in Charlottetown successfully defending his 2010 title by delivering his strongest performance of the year. Luke is finally back on top of his game and laying down some of the most solid tumbling in the country. Luke also managed to make the qualification score to attend the World Age Group Championships. Luke competed for Canada when he was 12 years old and is looking forward to returning to the world stage as a 16 year old. Way to go Luke!
Jack McGarr, had a strong prelims and gave his finals passes just a little too much gas taking a fall on a double back pike. Despite finding himself off the podium Jack is determined to make a strong come back at the next Canadian National team qualification event in July.

Tumbling Nationals Pics 3

National GOLD at her first National Championships, Savannah Wepf won the Novice 11-14 tumbling category. Savannah, originally a member of the OGC's Women's Artistic Gymnastics program transfered to tumbling in 2010 and has had a successful year. Savannah also achieved a high score that permits her to represent Canada at the upcoming World Age Group Championships in Birmingham, England in November. Congratulations to Savannah, National Champion.
Also, competing in the Novice 11-14 category was Kezia Allen who landed just outside the medals.