Thursday, January 12, 2012

Quebec Competition

OGC Heading to Quebec Tumbling Qualifier

Just a note on the Quebec tumbling competition that we plan to attend.

Location:  St Hyacinthe (just south of Montreal, 20 minutes)
Hotel:  Hotel Deseigneurs (really nice, we've stayed there several times)
Schedule (draft):  
February 23rd, Thursday (train in the afternoon at Voltigeurs Club maybe)
Thursday night do something on our own, go to Montreal, hang out at the pool, 
February 24th, Friday train in the morning or early afternoon, help set up for competition
February 25th, Saturday and February 26th, Sunday compete
You will be free to go after your athlete competes (to go skiing or visiting Montreal or shopping or home).

A fun OGC all Provincial and National level tumblers.

Note:  If you feel that the Thursday departure date is too early for you that is fine.  You can come up on Friday or fly in for the weekend.  Either way I really hope you are willing to attend as this will be a really exciting event for the athletes.  Heck if you compete on Sunday then you could come up Saturday night and drive home on Sunday.  I am leaving the schedule very loose so that each family can make the weekend work for them.
Note: That there will be no training for Provincial and National Level tumbles Thursday through Sunday that weekend in Oakville if you choose not to attend.

More details to come but I wanted you to be in the know about the dates.

It's like Easterns but for everyone.  No need to qualify.  Just go and have a great time.

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