Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tumblers, Tiaras & Tuxedos SCHEDULE

Here is the competition schedule for the 
Tumblers, Tiaras & Tuxedos 
Interclub Tumbling 
Competition and Demonstration

Remember everyone should be in formal evening wear including parents, guests, friends, grandparents, family.  This event will be the ultimate in high fashion, fantastic tumbling and high glitz entertainment.
The more you put into this event the more fun it will be for the athletes and it's really all about our OGC stars.

Athletes will compete first in their regular gymnastics attire then go transform into their evening regalia for the awards ceremony.  Awards will take place on the lower level on the red carpet.  The stars of the evening will receive pizza and sparkling "kid friendly" champagne with their slice.  Guests are welcome to sparkling "champagne" as well and hors d'oeuvres.  Bring a camera with flash as the more paparazzi we have the more exciting it will be for the kids.  (remember to forward your best shots to Don after the event for inclusion on the blog and the OGC Power Tumbling Facebook group post the event. Thx!)

Sarah's cowgirl outfit!

Lauren, Maxx (with spray on tan) and Eryka ready to rock the red carpet. 

Ella with her full glitz face!

Everyone will win something!!!

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