Saturday, March 31, 2012

Who's competing when?

Hi Everyone,

I've had several emails about "Who is in what level?" and "When are they competing?"  Here is the schedule again and I have added a list of competitors for each level.

Junior Girls: (4:00pm start, hair and make up after they compete, 7:00pm finish)
Kyra Mark
Sofia Uppal
Lauren Wilson
Alexandra Wight
Riley Galloway
Lucy Boates
Sarah Hodgson

Junior Boys: (4:00pm start, wardrobe and hair after he competes, 7:00pm finish)
Maxx Brunnetta

Senior Girls: (4:30pm start, hair make up and wardrobe as soon as they are done competing, 7:00pm finish)
Megan Turnbull
Sarah Moran
Kaitlyn Wallace
Daniella Mendoza
Eryka Evans

Demonstration Tumblers (Mini-Supremes) (4:00pm start to get make up and hair done, 5:00pm competition, 5:50 hair and make up touch ups and change into evening wear) 
Ryan Grandin
Helen Dong
Andrew Brown-Lapalme
Ella Bruce
Cade Mickinstray
Finn Jordan
Nikki Hyravy
Ava Shriver
Anjali Cudjoe
Jessica Mcleish
Lea Leblanc
Noah Eldriny
Katie Mckinney
Christopher Larner

Here is a reminder of the special awards:
Mini Supreme Tumblers (gift for all demonstration participants)
Ribbons 1st to 8th for first and second pass
Overall Results will be Ribbons 8th to 4th, 3rd bronze medal, 
Supreme Tumbler for the Runner Ups in each category (or 2nd place in the overall)
Grand SupremeTumbler for 1st place in each category overall)
ULTIMATE GRAND SUPREME TUMBLER  for the best overall tumbler of the day.

Special Prize for BEST DRESSED participant.

Pizza and beverages for participants after awards.

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