Sunday, April 1, 2012

Ab Contest Follow Up

So, we've let the ab contest go a month longer than planned but we still have a very limited number of registrants.

I'm sure most of us look like this by now.  If we don't that's okay but we could be doing better.

This contest was more about getting fit and eating better.

It was about enjoying working out and balancing the busy stress of our everyday life with some personal time to focus on ourselves.

We all don't have to wear little shorts and spray spam on our calves to look great but lifting those weights once in a while is a good thing for us.

Also don't be afraid to get down on the floor and do some extra ab crunches.  

 We used some exercises from THE COMPLETE BOOK OF ABS.  An old standby since I purchased this book in the 90's.  (I think a hairy chest was more acceptible in the 90's).
Now it's all about the smooth look.  This guy is doing the classic model pose: look like you're squinting into the sun and pretend to blow bubbles with your lips.

And this random guy needs to pull up his pants a bit.  This is Michael Barnes, the world famous power tumbler from Great Britain who used to tumble some of the cleanest and high level tumbling passes.  I have added a video from the World Games below.  He has abs and he now makes use of them in the Cirque du Soleil show La Nouba in Orlando, Florida.

We will take photos today of our ab contest participants.  I will post them here for voting.  Please be prepared to show your best abs.  If you still want to register your abs please bring $2 today.

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