Saturday, April 7, 2012

Tumblers, Tiaras & Tuxedos pic post 3

Here is the 3rd instalment of photos from the Tumblers, Tiaras & Tuxedos event.  Time to see some high glitz photos.
Should one try to do a back tuck in a full on wedding gown?

The demonstrators present themselves to the judges

Add caption

There was lots of action

Uh ... sure.


How to carry your sugar.

Last minute touch ups!

The Tuxedo Tumblers put on a dynamic tumbling performance.

Ella receiving instructions on how to hold her sugar bouquet. 

Well done Ella.  Like a true junior Miss Canada.

Anjali being ushered to the podium for her tiara.

Cory and Anjali striking a pose on the podium.

Jack escorting Nikki to the podium.

What is judge Niki wearing.  It's glorious.

Jessica and Erik ready for their photo op.

"I've got the sugar, not really sure if I need the tiara?"

Lea the 'belle' of the ball.

The crowning.

Katie in a stunning yellow and gold ensemble.

Helen receiving her sugar and glitz tiara.

Some guys don't need a beauty on their arm.  They're happy being independent. 

Loving the crown Ryan.

Noah wasn't so keen on the attention.

It's sugar boys not a sword or a machine gun.  Look at our ladies. They know how to work the camera.

Ava has had about enough of these boys steeling the show.

Though lacking some focus for the photo they are still pretty cute.

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