Saturday, April 7, 2012

Tumblers, Tiaras & Tuxedos pics post 2

More judging going on.
Here are the next photos from the Tumblers, Tiaras & Tuxedos.

The boys were more interested in Natalie.  Probably because she was the person smaller than them.

No too close boys! Body guard Jamie protecting he superstar Natalie.

Prince of the tumbling strip, Maxx showing off his tumbling abilities.

Eryka's back tuck.

Hors d'oeuvers for the judges.

Natalie and Dezember stop to pose for the paparazzi

Time for the demonstrators to showcase their talent!

Natalie the camera hog gets in all the photos. Such a socialite.

Jane spotting some back handsprings.

Jonathan doing the same.

the walk of fame to the adoring crowds.

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