Monday, May 21, 2012

Ab Contest Winners!

Okay, so I'm way late with getting this posted.  My apologies.

Thanks to the 7 brave bodies who got in on the OGC Tumbling and Acro Ab Contest!  Great job everyone?

Here are the winners!!!
In the 17 & Under category we had two entrants:

Jack takes the win.  Check out the abs in the group shot below!

In the 18 & Over category we had Erik, Don, Ricardo (no photo) and Erik's dad, Robert (no photo).

Erik takes the win!
Michael just wanted to have his abs on the blog.  Thanks Michael.

During the Tumblers, Tiaras, and Tuxedos Interclub Tumbling competition my male ushers decided to do their tumbling show without shirts.  Nice abs!

 Some of us need to be creative to get our abs to pop!!!
Whatever works!

Erik's mom, Veronika ( when she was blond)
In the Women's category we had Veronika (Erik's mom, sadly no photo so I added one for her.)

Thanks to everyone who participated and hopefully even if you didn't join in, you took some time to workout a bit more and choose some healthier foods since the Christmas gorge.  Time to start preparing that beach body.  Good luck and healthy living!

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