Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tumbling Groups 2009/2010

After much deliberation and careful thought here are the groups for the 2009/2010 Tumbling season.

Developmental 1
4 hours (2x 2 hour trainings)
Coach: Karen CIT: Kelsey

1 Sofie Hawthorne
2 Kyra Mark
3 Samantha Chafe
4 Sofia Uppal
5 Abigail Mooney
6 Michael Scott
7 Logan Brown
8 Ella Heiss
9 Alexandra Opterkuch
10 Emily Galloway

Developmental 2
6 hours (3 x 2 hours trainings)
Coach: Amanda

1 Pheonix Lee
2 Kyle McFarlane
3 Keegan Merner
4 Ava Mann
5 Madeline Hawkins
6 Hannah Crouse
7 Melissa Kiley
8 Caileigh Dejonge

Developmental 3
8 hours (3 x 2.5 or 3 hours)
Coach: Amanda (possibly with a CIT)

1 Ethan Hawkins
2 Matthew Pan
3 Keira Witcher-Dowling
4 Hannah Ligon
5 Erin Dane
6 Tyler Hutchings
7 Hudson McLaughlin
8 Zoe Gilbert
9 Kelsey Horn

Provincial D
8 hours (3 x 2.5 or 3 hours)
Coach: Don (fall/winter Don and Niki on different days)

1 Connie Robinson
2 Emma Chau
3 Connor Salmon
4 Talia Valentine
5 Naomi Smith
6 Jade Jordan
7 Elizabeth Karam
8 Abi Youngberg
9 Lukas Schiller

Provincial CBA Combined Group
10 hours (4x 2 or 2.5. or 3 hours)
Coaches: Don and Andree at the same time (fall/winter Don and Niki)

1 Avery Palkovic
2 Jessica Kenning
3 Elsa Mastrogiacomo
4 Shannon Green
5 Erik Polasek
6 Rachel Sardella
7 Alyssa Bellford
8 Monique Lazaruk
9 Mackenzie Dodd
10 Taylor Athay
11 Marlo Rosart
12 Jessica Sheridan
13 Taylor Morris
14 Stephanie Milligan
15 Steven Tucker
16 Kiana Ng
17 Cameron Dodd
18 Bryan Holden
19 Paxton Lapko
20 Marina Galchinska
*** Yes, this group is a very large. The summer will be an extended two month tryout for this group. At the end of the summer four athletes will be cut to drop it back to 16 (the 1:8 ratio). We found that there are so many great athletes at this level that we needed more time to decide who will be the best to keep through the year. Attendance, dedication to the program, work ethic, and skill development will be evaluated over the summer. This is the most fair way for us to run this group. My apologies to those four tumblers that will be deselected at the end of August. Unfortunately it is very competitive to remain in this group. Good luck to everyone in the group. We wish we could keep all of you.***

National Group
11 hours (4x 2 or 2.5. or 3 hours)
Coaches: Don and Andree (fall/winter Don and Niki)

1 Rachel Dhingra
2 Kezia Allen
3 VaNessah Sears-Duru
4 Jamie Patrick
5 Josh Sardella
6 Jack McGarr
7 Hannah Bocas
8 Athony Gentili
9 Cory Marsh
10 Kelsey Brasil
11 Michael Chaves
12 Luke MacKinnon
13 Lauren Rotolo
14 Jonathan Meehan
15 Haley Palmer (Dual Discipline Artistic and Tumbling)
***Some of these athletes may compete Level A if they are not capable of Novice minimum passes by October 15th, the Gymnastics Ontario registration date for competitive levels).***


Wednesday, June 10th 8:00 to 8:30pm Recreation Centre (room TBA)

Wednesday, June 17th 8:00 to 8:30pm Recreation Centre (room TBA)

If you are choosing NOT to accept the placement given please contact Don or Agnes immediately as we do have athletes on the waiting list.

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