Saturday, December 1, 2012

Day 2 Stoke-on-Trent British Open Tournament

Congratulations to the OGC tumblers on a strong second day of tumbling!

Haven Swarts competed her finals passes, performing both of  her new skills: 2 and 1/2 twist and double back tuck.  
Savannah Wepf put in a better pair of pass on Day 2 landing her full in back out tuck with ease.
Jack McGarr pulled his double layout around to capture a silver medal on his first finals pass.  Though he did not receive a medal for his second final round tumbling pass he delivered a solid double pike to finish out a strong overall performance in Stoke.
Dezember Treleaven found it hard to find the rhythm of the floor on day 2 but due to a small field of competitors captured another 2 silver medals.
Ben Senior was a stand out success at the 2012 British Open landing all four passes and competing double open tuck to double pike and all whips to full-out tuck without hesitation on both days.  Ben captured a silver medal for this double to double pass and a bronze for his straight to full-out pass.  

The Brits are known for being some of the best tumblers in the World and the 2012 British Open was no exception with the 11-12, 13-14 and 15-16 Age Group categories all having some exceptional talent.
Thank you to British Gymnastics for letting us participate in such a great competition.  This event also features Acrobatic Gymnastics which kept everyone entertained in between the tumbling runs.

Connie Robinson, formerly of the OGC Tumbling program moved back to the UK in the fall of 2011 and came to visit us at the competition.  She is doing well, still tumbling and developing her English accent.  All the best to her as she moves to the National level in the UK and hopefully we will have an opportunity to compete against her in the future.

All tumbling passes and some acro videos from the 2012 British Open Tournament can be seen at the following link:

A nice acro pyramid in front of the Stoke-on-Trent sign.

Bright orange suits featuring the Oakville leaf help our boys stand out in finals.  Andover Tumbler club tossed me a bright orange shirt from their club to wear so that I would match Ben.

Jack receiving his silver medal in the final rounds of tumbling.

The 15-16, 17-18 and Senior tumbling field at the 2012 British Open Tournament.  You can find our boys easily.

Jack can't ever complain about how small his shorts are after competing against the boys from Deerness Valley.

Ben receiving his silver medal in the final round.

Ben receiving his bronze medal.

Dezember receiving her silver medals in the final rounds of 17-18 Women's tumbling.

The Savannah / Haven hybrid.  A bit scary.

Acro in at the British Open 

The Bulgarian delegation receiving a special thanks for attending the 2012 British Open.  OGC received a special thanks after them.  We were all made to feel very welcome.

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