Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tumblers & Tiaras Details

Tumblers & Tiaras Interclub Invitational is coming up this weekend, Saturday, December 14th.

A detailed schedule will be posted here this week but know that you will need to be at the event from 4:00pm to 9:00pm as the awards will take place at the end of the evening.

Demonstrators (those athletes who will still be under 8 years old by December 31st, 2013) will be going last.  They can maybe come a bit later than 4:00pm but that will be indicated on the schedule.

All participants, family members, and spectators are expected to be in full formal attire to add pomp and circumstance to this high-end event.  

This event is for the kids.  Dressing up is a fun thing to do whether you are 5 of 50 so get into the spirit and support your superstar by dressing up with them.

Viewing of the event will be as per last year.  We will not be allowing parents or spectators into the gym and we will not be pulling out the bleachers for spectators.  You will be viewing from behind the glass in the viewing area as per everyday.  We will open the side doors so that you can hear the music for the acrobatic gymnastics routines.  We will usher the competitors up and around through the viewing area before and after each flight so that you can cheer for your child.  Awards will take place at the end of the evening in the downstairs lobby.  Bring your cameras for that portion of the evening as we want the athletes to feel like celebrities walking through the paparazzi.  

Photos and videos during the competition can be taken through the glass with no flash.  Photos of tumbling and videos from that distance are often not that great.  We realize this so we will have one official videographer for tumbling and one for acro.  The videos of the performance will be posted on Don's Youtube channel (search string "donaldarchieholmes" all one word) after the competition.  Photos of the march through and the awards will be allowed and flash suggested.

Our apologies that you will not be able to get into the gym for photos or videos but as only the coaches and athletes are registered with Gymnastics Ontario's insurance we can only permit them into the gym space.  We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with the evenings activities as the evening will be about the kids and making sure they feel like they were part of something special and fun.

Boys should be wearing formal attire as well.  Bow ties are popular.  Tuxedos are nice.  

There will be a tumbling demonstration by the Tuxedo Tumblers (the national tumblers) during the event prior to the awards (to give us time to get the final competitors primped and prepped for the red carpet awards ceremony.)

We are looking forward to seeing all of you on the red carpet this weekend.

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