Monday, December 10, 2012

Worlds Away Cirque du Soleil Movie INVITE

Please note that the OGC Acrobatic Gymnastics and Tumbling Program plans to take part in the pre-screening of the new Cirque du Soleil and James Cameron movie collaboration "Worlds Away" on Friday, December 14th.  

All OGC Acrobats are welcome to purchase tickets from Suzie Owen, Event Coordinator and Vice-Chair of the Gymnastics Ontario Acrobatic Gymnastics Technical Committee.  Tickets were available at the 1st Ontario Cup for Acrobatic Gymnastics over the weekend but can still be purchased. 

 OGC ACRO and TUMBLING families PLEASE send Don an email with your request for however many tickets you would like.  We need to have 100 tickets sold in advance and all are welcome (athletes, siblings, friends, parents, grandparents, class mates, whoever).  The plan is for all athletes to arrive at the theatre with a Cirque du Soleil t-shirt on and a Cirque du Soliel face make-up (if you do not have a CDS t-shirt feel free to borrow or wear something bright and colourful).  We will strike a pose at the theatre and submit it to Cirque du Soleil for posting on their Facebook page.  Cirque du Soleil has sent some small gifts for the athletes who participate and wish us all a great experience watching this exciting and closer than close Cirque du Soleil experience.

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